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About Us

Texas Archives was founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of Texas Moving Company, Inc..Texas Archives is the direct result of our quest to find ways to serve the needs of our customers better. As a consultative moving company, we learn a great deal about our clients and their businesses. Based on our unique perspective, we were able to see that many of our customers were struggling with record retention and management. Texas Archives is designed to provide flexible custom records management solutions for the Dallas, TX area.

Texas Archives

Texas Archives has over 500,000 cubic feet of secure storage space for business records and computer tapes. Records are protected by multi-level fire systems and a first-rate security system. Backup computer tapes, x-rays, and other environmentally sensitive materials are stored in a secure media vault that is temperature and humidity-controlled 24 hours a day.

Steve Dumais
Chief Financial Officer
Troy Kornegor
Director of Operations

Texas Archives is also a HUB registered business entity.
For any inquiries regarding the HUB, please visit our contact page.